Tea and Chat at Red Door Studios- Wednesday September 13, 2017 7-8:30 pm

Everyone welcome to join us for an unfiltered conversation and some tea. Share with new friends topics that you feel you can’t discuss with friends and family. Life in Hong Kong can be pressured and rushed. Let’s slow the pace down and have some tea. $150 admission at the door

Stand Alone Group at Red-Door Studios
Stand Alone Group  July 26, 2017 7-8:30pm Join the conversation at Red-Door Studios

What if you feel you have no close friends here? Who can you turn to? You feel utterly alone. You are not.
All cultures have traditions of coming together in circles to share, learn from each other and to heal through talking.

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The Whale Life presents “Silence at Sea”

April 22nd at 10 A.M.

“Silence at Sea” is a one of a kind silent retreat, on a boat in the middle of the ocean. It’s an 8 hour escape from the city life, where you get a chance to reflect, relax and dream!

Silence has the power to get people to think and act, it can help slow the mind down, and is a powerful ally to the likes of counselling and even coaching.

It generates a certain energy, like no other source.

*** GUIDED MEDITATION by Dr. Monica Borschel ***


The title says it all. This time we’re hosting First Light at night. After much demand we decided to have an evening session because you want to shake off your day. We’re hosting it as usual at Premium Sofa Club which is located on the left of Iclub Sheung Wan (hotel).


First Light wellness sessions specifically:

✨ break down barriers
✨ build individual confidence
✨ increase energy levels

What’s special this week?

✨ coconut water for the first 50 attendees
✨ guided meditation by Monica Borschel (PhD.)