About Dr. Borschel


B.S.   Psychology, USA
M.A. Clinical Psychology, USA
PH.D Social Work and Social Administration, Hong Kong

Member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Hong Kong Family Law Association (HKFLA)

Dr. Borschel specialises in Attachment and Loss. She is experienced in helping adults, teens, children, and families adjust to divorce, separation, loss of a loved one, and loss of finance.  This often involves deciding what is in the best interest of the children during custody disputes.  This may include strengthening the relationship and communication between the parents and the children.  She also specialises in reducing or resolving conflict in divorce, marriage and in the workplace.  

She also helps adults, teens, and children overcome neglect, emotional abuse, and child abuse that happened in the past or is happening in the present.  She uses play therapy for children with behavioral problems and enables parents to create a safe and stress free environment at home.  As an attachment specialist, she also helps individuals understand relationship patterns which  prevent them from developing or maintaining  healthy relationships.  She uses mindfulness practices and positive psychology to reduce anxiety, insomnia, depression and promote confidence and self-esteem.

Dr. Borschel uses attachment-based play therapy for children, and attachment, personality and identity theory, positive psychology, and guided meditative practices to enable her teenage and adult clients to find healing within themselves.  

Dr. Borschel is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.  She graduated with her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University in New York City.  She later moved to Hong Kong to pursue her doctorate at the University of Hong Kong in Social Work and Social Administration. 




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